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Adding new harddrive to setup mirror RAID1 on ML115

william kow
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Adding new harddrive to setup mirror RAID1 on ML115

Currently the ProLiant ML115T01 is running Windows Server 2008 standard, with only one harddisk installed, and I planned to add second harddisk and to enable mirror RAID to this server.

After adding the second harddisk, I enabled the RAID at BIOS setting, and then I boot to configure it to use RAID.

At BIOS, it can detect & show both old and new harddisks, boht with same capacity, however, when configure it to run both harddisks as mirror RAID, warning message prompted about the existing data will be lost.

HOW TO i the enable mirror RAID without lost of data, because the server do not have good backup software for restoration, it just running only normal windows backup (ntbackup) so I worry if data lost after configure it to run RAID, the restoration of Windows O/S may not be perfect and causing to reinstall Windows.

Please advise, how can i enable the RAID without need to do re-installation of Windows.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: Adding new harddrive to setup mirror RAID1 on ML115


Your server's Embedded RAID controller will not support expanding RAID 0 and then migrating to RAID 1.

It would be possible if you have PCI Raid Controller with enough BBWC.

You can go for Software mirror with win 2008 disk configuration tool..