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Adding space to C: on a RAID array.

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Adding space to C: on a RAID array.


I have an HP NetServer LH3 with it's original configuration of three D6106A drives configured in a RAID array. The C: drive is getting low on available space, and we've done about all the maneuvering to free space that we can.

Running Windows Server 2003.

Is there a way to add additional drive(s) and use disk manager to extend the available space of the Logical C: drive?

If yes, would you recommend additional D6106A drives, or something different? (I do have a source for the D6106A if that’s what you recommend). I may have a source for the 18 and 36gb drives as well if they will work and add even more capacity, but it seems they all need to be the same size for the RAID to be effective (?).
Andy McAllister
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Re: Adding space to C: on a RAID array.

Hi Paul

My understanding is that no matter what RAID technology you use, once you have added space to an array, then the O/S needs to be told about it. Typically this would mean going to Disk Management and doing a "rescan drives". Normally you could then extend an existing LD / Partition. HOWEVER (assuming C is your system drive) this is the only partition that can't be extended natively.
Partition Magic / Server Magic or something may help ?
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Re: Adding space to C: on a RAID array.

You can not add space dynamic to a operating drive but we have had great success by using LiveState or Ghost from symantic to image the drives. just lay down a new raid with the larger partitions then lay the image back down. There is an option to tell the image software to expand it to the larger partition.