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Altiris RDP 6.8 rebooting issue (PXE)

Marc Cosgrove
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Altiris RDP 6.8 rebooting issue (PXE)

Hi, I am having trouble setting up RDP initially... not having any luck. We have setup a staging VLAN and DHCP scope, and configured the port. When booting the server I can pickup the PXE service, pick up a DHCP address and load the PXE boot menu. Then when selecting an option, no matter what it starts loading ramdisk, takes quite a while, then pops up a little HP proliant RDP screen... and then it reboots. I don't see any MAC address show up in the console or any sign its seeing it. I tried creating one from scratch in the boot menu that also has the same effect.

Although upon reboot it will go back into PXE without prompting (F12).

Any idea's or suggestions welcome, I can't find much info on the problem.

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Altiris RDP 6.8 rebooting issue (PXE)


Does this server has multiple NICs ? In case of which, you need to provide the NIC's IP address; Also, R you installing RDP directly on a Server & not remote installing it ??

Under "Proliant Integration Module setup" options you have had selected the option for {Set PXE initial Deploy boot option to use "default timeout"} ????