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Array Controller 641 Problem,

Mahmood Shehab
New Member

Array Controller 641 Problem,

Server: Proliant ML370 3G
Array Controller: 641
Hard drive: 72.8 GB X 3


I am facing problem with this server, after first run of the server, its show that there is detection of the three hard drive but with Smartstart, I am not able to confugire the ACU, because its not showing the drives only the array controllor.

can any body help me how to make the server recognize the three HDDs.

Thanks in advance.
Attila Szabó
Frequent Advisor

Re: Array Controller 641 Problem,

Dear Mahmood,

Its looks like a cabling problem.
The Smart array controller never show the exact disks at detection, just rolling "-" signs.
If you see the detection of hard drives, then somebody connect the hot plug HDD bay to the on-board SCSI controller, not to th Smart Array controller.
Check at POST, if you can see exatly the disk detection. the solution is simple:
- Turn off the server, pull out power cord
- take a look into the server
- there is a SCSI cable, from behind the disk cage to the motherboard SCSI connector
- disconnect it from motherboard and connect it to Smart Array 641 (it has only one SCSI connector)
- beware, not to broke the pins of the connector
- you dont need any extra terminator for SCSI devices in this situation (its build into the cage and controller), so dont try to find it
- plug in the power and at boot, you will see, the controller want to make a default RAID 5 from disks. Accept it or just skip this step at POST (power on self test).

After that you can easily configure your RAID arrays under Smartstart.

Mahmood Shehab
New Member

Re: Array Controller 641 Problem,


Thank you very much and I really appreciate your help,

You are right, after troubleshooting the server I found that my colleague did not fix the SCSI cable to array controller in the right way, so I put little pressure and its work fine.

Best regards,