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Array Ready For Rebuild!


Array Ready For Rebuild!

I have a server that is showing as degraded by Insight Manager. The drives in question are configured as RAID 1.The logical drive info is showing as degraded and is in the Ready for rebuild process but isn't actually going ahead.Both drives are showing as green as reported by Insight Manager with no errors being reported.

The following error has been reported in event viewer.
Recovery of logical drive 1,configured on Array Controller (embedded) was aborted while rebuilding physical drive with DEVICE ID 0 on port 2 due to an unrecoverable read error. The physical drive reporting the error is DEVICE ID 1 on port 2

The server type is a DL380G4.The volume in question is accessible with no data loss be reported.
Duane Webb
New Member

Re: Array Ready For Rebuild!

Hey tom, I'd try a consistency check between the 2 drives first - followed by a 5 stage disk check (if windows).