Array trouble

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Array trouble

Equipment: ML370G2, 532 controller, 2-18G drives raid 1 for the OS (ID 0 & 1), 3-36G drives raid 5 for data, (ID 2,3,4).

Situation: I wanted to replace the 36G drives with 72's, I pulled drive 4 out and put in a 72, the rebuild process started fine... But come to find out that (according to the event logs and the Hp diag utility report) drive 4 is status: "Ready for recovery". Apparently drive 2 has SMART failures, so drive 4 doesn't finish the rebuild.

Questions: If I put the original 36G drive in will it still go through the whole rebuilt process? What are my options at this point?
Thanks in advance..

Attached is the diag report..