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B120i RAID driver bug in ESXi with 6TB drives

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B120i RAID driver bug in ESXi with 6TB drives



It looks like using the B120i in ESXi has a bug which results in the incorrect HDD size being reported to ESXi.


I have a 6TB WD which in SATA mode reports a size of 5,860,522,000. This is correctly identified and the system boots up just fine.

However when enabling the controller in BIOS and creating a RAID 0 for the HDD, the disk size is exactly 32 units shorter namely 5,860,490,000.

This is consistent across both disks and happens only in ESXi; the same configuration runs just fine on bare metal.


Note that I've mapped the disks as RDM both psyical and virtual. Also tested a variety of ESXi versions of 5.5 and 6.0 without any effect.


Tested all hpsva versions from 5.5.0-84.00 to


Any suggestions?