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Re: BIOS crashed PC

Claret Baskerville
New Member

BIOS crashed PC

I am running a Proliant ML 150 G2 and I am getting an error message when attempting to boot the pc:
BIOS detect failed CPU fans or CPU fans not connected
Please check CPU fans
System will sut down in 7 seconds
THe fans are working properlly.
Any ideas on how to fix this issue??

Thanks a lot
Valued Contributor

Re: BIOS crashed PC

first re-connect all cards involved, maybe there are bad contact, then check connnections of each fan, sometimes the FAN1 is connected en FAN2 connection in the mainboard by example.
Claret Baskerville
New Member

Re: BIOS crashed PC

The fan connection to that specific cpu is not working but if I change the connector the the fan connection below the fan will work.
Now there are 2 places to connect the cpu. I've changed to the other one and the pc will not even start.
Any ideas?