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BIOS feature request for ML110 G5

Huntsworth IT
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BIOS feature request for ML110 G5


I am not sure if this is the right place to post this request but I hope someone from HP will be able to pick this up.

We have a number of ML110 G5 servers which we would like to be able to boot from an HDD attached to SATA port 5 or 6. This was possible with the G4 version of the server (using the PATA ports), but on the G5, these ports are "forcibly" detected as CDROM's by the BIOS as soon as SATA RAID is enabled on the other ports (1-4). This means that the BIOS cannot boot from this device.

The drive is detected correctly in F10 Setup using AUTO or USER, but as soon as the server reboots it is reset to CDROM.

Does anyone have a workaround to allow this, or would HP consider a BIOS update to allow this setting to be retained over a reboot?

Many Thanks,

Paris Charkousis
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Re: BIOS feature request for ML110 G5

Same problem here :(