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BL460 - 8.30 firmware op USB key

Joost Dubbelman

BL460 - 8.30 firmware op USB key

When you install firmware 8.30 on an USB key and use it on a bl460 with 64 gig memory or higher. The firmware will start but Hangs on Ready and will not start any further. What is the solution for this problem?
Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL460 - 8.30 firmware op USB key


You can try with the Firmware deployment tool instead of a General Firware Update CD. Download from below link.


Yes there is some issue with firmware management Software and Smart Start software in dealing with USB Port.

Eg:- Try installing OS using Smart Start CD with USB Key board & Mouse, it will hang in mid saying loading drivers/application.

Follow the steps to install using the Image which you have.

1) Search and find the SUV adapter that came with server.
2) Connect it to the SUV port, Connect a display, USB DVD Drive/CD Drive, Connect a USB to PS2 Adapter, Now connect a PS2 keyboard & Mouse to the adapter.
3) Restart the Server, Boot using the Firmware CD created using the software ISO you downloaded.
4) Follow the wizard .
5) At last the firmware is updated.