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BP465C ISCSI Boot Linux

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BP465C ISCSI Boot Linux

I'm running into an issue getting 465C blades running booting via iscsi. iscsi is selected via RBSU however it never shows up in the boot order list. At boot it posts iscsi boot rom, then states iscsi boot not supported on this devices firmware (NC373i).

I've gone through and loaded a config file from the linux install server via ilo as defined in the install guide, however there is no output stating successful load or not.

I also can not find any place in the RBSU where you can verify config. CTRL-S doesn't work to enter the network adapter at post.

The firmware has been updated via the latest HP Firmware install CD with the NC373i linux rom.

Any ideas on what could be causing this issue, or where to look?

We're setting up 11 465c booting to a netapp box. The servers have no internal drives so this initial install is a bit rough.
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Re: BP465C ISCSI Boot Linux

I'm seeing the same thing on a DL360 G5 server. It states iSCSI ROM, but then "iSCSI boot not supported on the device's firmware".

Running 1.35 ilo2, rompaq version 2007.06.28 A.

Is this a limitation as there are some licenses on accelerated iSCSI, or did I miss anything?