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Bare Metal Recovery to dissimilar hardware - HP POV

ed williams_6
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Bare Metal Recovery to dissimilar hardware - HP POV

How to perform Windows recovery from backup to dissimilar hardware?

I finally have the answer to this question (see below). What I'd like to know is how HP perceive this product and will they be offering support to people who utilise this technology?

Livestate Recovery version 6 (LSR6) recovers OS to dissimilar hardware. Its image based and therefore fast, when the images have been recovered to a suitable diskspace.

Products supports the provision of custom / OEM HAL.DLL files i.e. HP/Compaq, & 3rd party SCSI drivers etc, all the low level ring 0 stuff that is required to get Windows to boot. After that you can just use the SmartStart CDs to supply all your other drivers.

LSR6 is now available in shrinkwrap! BTW I don't work for Symantec, Veritas or a 3rd party reseller of this product. Check it out.
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