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Battery part number for HP Smart Array P410/256 2-ports Int PCIe x8 SAS Controller 462862-B21

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Battery part number for HP Smart Array P410/256 2-ports Int PCIe x8 SAS Controller 462862-B21

Dear Folks,

 The old ML350 G6 5520 dual - I've put back into service while fixing the Windows 10 associated (update gone wrong) problems in the z400 & z800 Work stations - has a dysfunctional battery/capacitor pack. Does not recharge - not unexpected as litiums usually die after four or five years (laugh - lots of unhappy Tesla drivers in three year time).

 I have been trying to get the actual part number for the unit referenced above. Logically - as a part likely to fail/require replacement - I would expect HP to put the part and its part number immediately below the applicable parent unit (ie. P410 smart array controller).

 It is not there.

 I would prefer to buy a HP genuine part, but find it very difficult to locate the battery with general or key-work searches, and/or on the ML350G6 part listing (that the parent part number above was copied from).

 Help/suggestions would be appreciated. My alternative is to just grab some litium 1.6v caps (8), then stack them to 12V (13.2) ... get my tech crew to do the soldering. Warranty doesn't worry me - if HP do not provide the parts I want - however I prefer genuine (less messing about) - if I can get it.

thank you,


[Paul T. if you are floating about: An over zealous 'moderator' chose to edit/delete (wrongly) a response post down in general users/LT/DT, and I suspect accidentially - also banned me. I cannot respond to all those folks awaiting my help. Sorry about that. Neither my doing, nor my fault. Flat-out now with work, so the time window is gone for three to six weeks. Cheers.]

Erdogan Temur

Re: Battery part number for HP Smart Array P410/256 2-ports Int PCIe x8 SAS Controller 462862-B21


Spare part number as below.

462976-001 Battery module with integrated charger , Ni-MH, 4.8V, 650mAh - For use with the P212, P410, and P411 SAS controller boards with battery backed write cache (BBWC)

Kind Regards,
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Re: Battery part number for HP Smart Array P410/256 2-ports Int PCIe x8 SAS Controller 462862-B21

Dear Erdogan,

 I did see that part, however was thrown (misdirected) by the: "...4.8v 650mA - built in charger..." on the basis the part itself is marked '12volt' (item and motherboard), while in manuals referred as the 'battery-capacitor pack'.

 I assume it must have an integrated inverter (stepping 4.8->13.2); while the 'built-in charger seems a little deceptive in that 4.8v is well within range of the 5v+/- (dc = yellow) standard IBM power strand/supply spec. I doubt 650mA is correct (holding/discharge rate), unless they mean the draw-rate during recharge.

 Electronic engineering convention/standard is to list battery capacity in holding/discharge rate.

 I have previously observed the claasic corporate idiom: "An organisation is only as strong as its weakest link."

 HP Corporate should have someone/team properly qualified review detail (descriptions) presented in manuals and parts lists, to check accuracy and industry/standard descriptive convention ... As it stand, such things like this damage HP's credibility (considerably), amongst the top tiers of Computer and network engineering/servicing/maintenance professions.

 Those professions - in normal circumstance - have significant or total input, on referral (executive management) ... when decisions are made for replacement of redundant, purchasing integrating, or purchasing new systems.

 Due to COVID19 closures/semi-shutdowns available 'hands-on' technical staff/teams are greatly reduced (across the board - not just Computing/IT); however the same cause (Covid19 lockdowns) have increased usage of networks by a factor of ten to twelve (workload of staff, students,clients, et.,al; 'working from home'). My IT technicians are down to twelve O/S and two mobile/supply - attempting to cover trebled routine maintenance hours/loading. as a result - those of us who can and lending a hand or doing our own (routine/scheduled maintenance).

 This means - at the moment - your have organisational/IT/R&D/Academic heads directly involved and encountering, everyday issues normally referred or detailed in non-critical organisational operationd reports (which we all should read, but real-world workloads mean we don't).

 My younger brother heads Radiological Science at another university. When not using his Christmas present quad-copter to mow his wife's succulants, he is doing hands-on IT over there. Ditto many of my friends/peers at other institutions around the world.

 IT are getting your part (2) - thank you for the heads-up.

 HP are not alone making mis-steps. The technician I asked to give me the part number said it was a P410-256; which I thought sounded slightly wrong, but was not over there/different office and on a Lenovo system. I checked that comm's server early this morning and it is a P410i-512 v 5.06. Battety capacitor pack is the same.

 Point being - HP are not the only folks who make small technical or descriptive errors.

 Thank you for your help.

 Take care, keep well, and keep safe.

 Rick Finney,

Dean of Applied Sciences

SYLVR (Raumliche Technologien)