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Bl20p G4 Patch Panel Network LED Problem

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Bl20p G4 Patch Panel Network LED Problem

I have a blade enclosure with BL20p G3 and BL35p installed. I recently installed two BL20p G4 servers in the same enclosure. Now, everything is working fine, except that the LEDs for NIC activity/connectivity in the back of the enclosure are not working for these two servers. I have two cables connected in ports A1 and B1, but all 4 ports appear to be off.

Also, while I was checking this problem, I noticed something else that could be related. Some ports for my older servers appear to have the connectivity LED on, even though no cable is connected to the port.

Any idea what the problem is? The network is working fine for these two servers.
Louis Henninger
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Re: Bl20p G4 Patch Panel Network LED Problem

Could you provide some additional information?

Type of switches in the enclosure,

Type of enclosure?