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Boot from SAN / Operating system not found

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Boot from SAN / Operating system not found

I have two DL140 G3's behaving the same way, have the same hardware and the same rev's of all the firmware. I am trying to boot from SAN, up to four O.S.'s (XenServer, ESX, Hyper-V & Virtual Iron), but I haven't got the first one working yet.

For the hardware beyond the servers, each has a qLogic QLE2462 (2 port, 4Gb PCI-E) with the current BIOS (V2.02), the DL140 BIOS is the newest / last made (V1.17) and the BMC rev is V2.21. I believe I've set everything in the DL140 BIOS that I need to set by enabling the PCI-E x8 card and making it a Bus Master, disabling the others, including the BMC ethernet ports and the internal hard disk.

On the qLogic card, I enable the BIOS on both of the ports and go into the other part of the settings where you discover the LUN, and saving the config on the way out. I know the BIOS is seeing the LUN because it's saying 'BIOS installed' on boot and I've read (and tested by disconnecting the cable) that it won't install if it doesn't see a LUN.

When I load XenServer from CD, it starts up, I pick the LUN from the HBA to install XenServer to, it installs and I reboot. When I reboot, the qLogic card still says it's installed the BIOS, so he FC HBA should be OK, but then when I get "operating system not found" I'm wondering if the issue is in the server's BIOS setup, on the 'boot from SAN' LUN, or somewhere else. I've also pulled one of the two cables off so the card or O.S. aren't getting confused with a multipathing issue yet, which I'll fix with some XenServer multipathing setup, if I can get that far. I also reinstalled the O.S. with just one connection made and the same result, Operating System not found.

Any suggestions?
thank you,