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Re: Boot with no effect

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Boot with no effect

I have 5 Proliant Microserver and all works well. The 5th one has a new HDD and wasn't setup before. When trying to boot from either a USB or DVD iso I get no response. The biggest issue is there is no display on the monitor. I swapped monitors, cabled and even added a graphics PCIe with no luck. Is there any form of diagnostic that can be run without me actually being able to see anything on a monitor?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Boot with no effect

If it is a Gen8 MicroServer you can access the iLO and look at the iLO and system health logs.  Since you can't see any POST messages, you will need to look at your DHCP server to see what IP address the iLO is assigned.  The iLO login information is attached to the server itself

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