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BounchBack Express on 2003

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BounchBack Express on 2003

I have a new HP 110,with 2003 I purchased the HP (seagate)external hard drive backup solution.
(which is a 160GB USB HD) with CMS Solutions Bounchback express software.

The HD seems to connect fine, but the software does not load. I spent 2 hours on HP support. They never heard of the product (as it was just released this past week). They then told me to call CMS directly.

After one day of TRYING to get thru, I finally did. they quickly told me that this software is not supported under windows 2003.
They thought it work, (as they said the software is designed for xp, and 2003 and xp are pretty close to the same os), but as it turns out it does not....

HELP ????