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Breaking mirror on Raid-1 + Raid-5 configuration

Doris Soetanto
New Member

Breaking mirror on Raid-1 + Raid-5 configuration


We are asked to do some recovery tests on a system with setup of: DISK 1 + 2 (Mirrored), 3 + 4 + 5 (RAID 5). Our objective is to revert/recovery the OS in the shortest time possible in case of patching/installation problem.

I am going to illustrate the steps below:
1. --- = RAID-1 / = RAID-5

2. Shutdown

3. -x- = Break mirror by pulling out

4. Patching/Installation = Big problem = Recovery/Revert

5. Shutdown

6. Pull out and insert in, turn on server

7. Shutdown

8. With inserted, insert , turn on server

9. Insert for rebuilding

Are the steps above correct? Am I missing any steps? I was told that step 6 is required (involving the RAID-5), but I myself not so sure, and hope to find the answer here. Any inputs are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Doris Soetanto
New Member

Re: Breaking mirror on Raid-1 + Raid-5 configuration

Sorry, just realized my post above is in the wrong section. The setup is for ProLiant DL server with Smart Array 5i/6i.