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C7000 Enclosure - Is RDP supplied?

Mark Matthews
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C7000 Enclosure - Is RDP supplied?

Dear all,

One of our sales guys is quoting a customer for 2 x C7000 enclosures along with a total of 25 blades!

Now, obviously its going to be a lot easier to install the OS's via RDP on either one of the blades or an external server.

My question is, will the enclosures come with the full version of RDP to enable me to do this, or is it an optional extra?

The Enclosures state they come with 16 ICE licenses each?

Any help would be appreciated


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Sylvain Gelinas 2
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Re: C7000 Enclosure - Is RDP supplied?

Blade comes with full virtual remote console licence.

With the Onboard Administrator and ILO configured, use your browser and connect the local cd of SmartStart and boot with it.

After that you place the OS of your choice in your drive and continue the setup.

Good luck.