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C7000 port mismatch

Aric Bernard
New Member

C7000 port mismatch

I am setting up a new c7000 blade enclosure with 12 bl460c blades. In the back of the chassis I have 6 ethernet modules and 2 fibre channel modules. 2 of the ethernet modules (bay 3 and 4) and the fibre modules (bay 7 and 8) are reporting "port mismatch" in conjucntion with each of the 12 blades.

Can any body tell me what a port mismatch is and how to resolve it?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000 port mismatch

Check the type of mezzanine cards that are installed in the blades and see if there is no incorrect type that is mapped to the interconnect (i.e. LAN must gop to LAn interconenct and Fibre must go to Fibre interconnect).

Check out the port mapping and configuraation rules.