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Re: Cache battery placement

Mike Westkamper
Occasional Contributor

Cache battery placement

I purchased
YYS1-1156382 HP ML350 T05 5120 SAS US Svr
It comes with a SAS controller embedded. I chose to upgrade to 128MB for Raid 5
The Cache for the controller has a NIHM battery in a flat pack and a wire.

While the upgrade installs and works fine, I cannot seem to find a place to mount the battery.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Louis Henninger
Frequent Advisor

Re: Cache battery placement

The battery pack is in a plastic modular housing. This is usually clipped onto the side (or bottom)of the metal chassis. The exceptions to this have been the smaller 1U and 3U servers. In the DL 38x series, for example, you run the cable (and battery pack with plastic housing) from the Addon Cache Module to a location just behind the on/off switch assembly. This battery just sits here, out of the way.

In looking at the server documentation fro the ML350 G5 series, it looks like something could clip on the left side(if rack mounted) or bottom (below the PCI slots.

I don't have one to reference, but I hope this helps,



Mike Westkamper
Occasional Contributor

Re: Cache battery placement

In the 350 chassis the on/off assembly is too far for the cable and there is no place I can see to mount it on the chassis. The documents that come with the unit say look for the answer on the documents on the side panel. No such answer.

I guess some Velcro is the answer. I am really surprised though. HP/Compaq is usually pretty good at this stuff.