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Cannot install windows over linux

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Cannot install windows over linux

Hi, I have a ml330 g3 server and I am trying to re-install windows over the top of linux. I can get the windows 2000 cd to try and install but I can't get it to find a hard disk to install on. Any ideas?

I get the error:
"Setup did not find any hard drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct."

I can still boot into linux so I assume the disks are ok.

I have a smart array 641 controller and I'm assuming this is the issue?

Thanks in advance
Louis Henninger
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Re: Cannot install windows over linux

Hi Gregg,

To change your OS, you must re-run Smartstart and set up the server, just as a clean install.

I'd recommend the first time through, to select Server erase utility, then on reboot, set up your server for Windows. This will set BIOS options and load needed drivers, etc.

Good Luck,


You can find Smartstart on, just search for it from the main screen...
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Re: Cannot install windows over linux

Hi Louis,

Thank you for the reply. I just want to confirm I understand what you are advising...

Download smartstart (500mb) from and burn this to a CD. It will automatically boot off this cd and then I can start the installation process after it removes all of the linux stuff and installs the windows drivers etc...

Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Cannot install windows over linux


I think it has more to do with the fact that the Windows 2000 setup does not have a driver for the Smart Array 641 (windows 2003 does have one). You need to press F6 when Windows setup starts (I don't know if you get a prompt for it - as soon as you see a blue background, press F6)

Download the driver here:

Run cp007096.exe and extract the files to a floppy disk. When Windows setup asks you for a driver, use that floppy, and windows should be able to see your logical drives on the Smart Array 641. It probably won't recognise the file system, but you can wipe it and create a new NTFS partition.

I would also go into BIOS and set the OS to Windows (sets verious IRQ things correctly, which could cause bluescreens in Windows if it is not set right)

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Re: Cannot install windows over linux

thanks Stephen for the advise...

I did create the floppy and extracted the files on it but it is still saying that it can't find the appropriate drivers...

Maybe I'm just doing something dumb but it seems like I need to run the setup file on the floppy to install the smartarray driver?

Also, I just noticed when I rebooted it says
"SCSI BIOS not installed"...not sure if this is related.
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Re: Cannot install windows over linux

Thank you Stephen for your advise...I have been able to successfully convert now...lots of issues with the floppys etc but it is now done.