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Cannot register support contract

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Cannot register support contract


I recently purchased a new Proliant server for our SOHO, together with a support pack. But when I follow the link that is sent to me via email, there are several problems with the form:<and some more options in the link>


1) I have to select 'bulk' and then 'online registration' to see the 'next'-button

2) in the next screen, I can enter all the necessary data, but the 'preview'-button doesn't do anything: no preview and no errormessage is shown. I have tried entering more and less information, selecting a different option etc. but nothing really works.


I'm using firefox 3.5 on debian squeeze. So the browser should not be a problem...


How can I register mu support contract?


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Re: Cannot register support contract

I figured it out myself. Apparently the registration form is not handled correctly by iceweasel (firefox in Debian). Registering with chromium-browser worked with one little flaw: the registration certificate was rendered in the letter-format instead of the A4-format it claimed it should be.


A webform that is not working in firefox these days is a very bad webform...