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Capacitor problem on p822


Capacitor problem on p822

P822 with FBWC 1GB

OS: Windows 8.1

The controller reporting warning 722 ("Smart Array P822 in Slot 1 has one or more cache module backup power sources that are recharging. Caching operations such as Expansion, Extension, and Migration are temporarily suspended...") for several days now. 

At the same time both heartbeat (1Hz flashing) and 3rd FBWC (solid green) indicate no problem whatsoever!
Unfortunately I don't have an extra capacitor to check if the capacitor is a culprit.
I've tried standard troubleshooting steps (other drivers, resitting each element in slots, etc.).
Any ideas?

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Re: Capacitor problem on p822

Hello RomanShein,

If the warning is appearing for several days, i recommend you power cycle the server and run the array diagnostics to check the battery status.

If you notice any post errors on power cycle , refer below link

Also refer cache module leds

if you are unable to identify the cause for the problem, contact HPE support with ADU and AHS logs 

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Re: Capacitor problem on p822

I appologize for late reply. Usually forum engines subscibe a user to the a topic that the user has started. As I've learn it is not the case with HPE. Strange.


- This is a testing machine. It was recycled multiple times with no result. 


- LEDs indicators looks fine. No fault are indicated.


- I noticed no error POST codes. 


I see no option to attach a file.