Care Packs

Dave Sydenham
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Care Packs

Why bother having 4 Hr 24/7 Care Packs for your mission critical servers when HP do not have stocks of basic parts (in this case power supply) in the country! This has happened to me twice in two months!

Problem logged on friday afternoon. Parts will arrive the following Wednesday. 4hrs? That's over 4 days!!! >:o(

Anyone else have this problem?

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Re: Care Packs

I haven't had this problem with HP, but did see something similar with IBM and problems with batteries on their new ServeRAID 8i array controllers when they were introduced this year. They didn't have any replacements in stock on the continent, so I had to operate the failing servers with read/write cache disabled until I got replacement controllers. So, it's not just an HP thing.

I believe HP now offers a even higher level of CarePack where spare parts are guaranteed to be available in the event of a failure. I'm guessing this options is pricy...

Chris Rosan
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Re: Care Packs


For this exact reason we don't use HP for hardware replacement anymore. We use a third party who have ALL the hardware in stock, and garuntee to be on-site within 2hrs 24x7 WITH the parts (they'll bring the ENTIRE server if that's what we want).

I'm in Australia, but i'd imagine that there is similar companies in the UK (that's what your profile says).

Let me know if you want more details. Our company does IBM, Dell & mainframe hardware as well as the entire range of HP, including desktops & notebooks.