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Carepack on Managed Servers

john fox_6
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Carepack on Managed Servers

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone from HP can help me with this query. We have a number of HP servers that are under three years old and we have purchased as managed servers from a hosting provider. We are looking at moving these out of the datacentre to another location as we are terminating the hosting contract.

As the servers are still pretty new (4 x DL360s) we would like to use them in a new hosting setup but obviously we need to ensure they have the 4hour care pack support on them. We have never had any of the paperwork on them and I am not sure if the hosting provider has a blanket care pack arrangement with HP.

Is the care pack arrangement direct with HP or do we invalidate the care pack be relocating it and hosting it with another company. Is this something HP can help us with?

I have just looked on to see if we can take out a seperate care pack to cover them but they only provide carepacks for equipment over three years old and these are only 12-18 months old.

Thanks for any advice!
Chris Rosan
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Re: Carepack on Managed Servers

Not sure if this is an option for you in UK, but in Australia I use a 3rd party company for my server hardware support. They have all the parts for my servers in their warehouse, including the entire server. I call them and they bring out (with an engineer) whatever parts they think they need, or i tell them to bring. There is no arguing with India about the issue and no bull-@*#@ troubleshooting with them.

HP's carepack's are 4 hour "response", which means they'll call you back within 4 hours. They don't guarantee that they will be on-site in 4 hours, or EVEN have parts available in 4 hours. We have a carepack on our EVA8100 ($300,000 device) and i had to wait 2 weeks for batteries for it a few years ago.

If your servers are critical then i suggest you look at something like this. They are more expensive, but it saves me having redundant servers as they GUARANTEE they will be on-site with parts within 2 hours, 24x7x365. Obviously, you have to add the time it actually takes to replace the parts, but it's still way ahead of HP, as the server has always been up within 4 hours (which is when HP have to call you back to troubleshoot it) - let alone have parts shipped or an engineer booked (if the engineer's are busy you just have to wait).

Give it some thought. This company in Australia cover IBM, Dell, HP as well as older mainframe's etc. We also use them for DR data centre space and DR call centre/office space.

Let me know if i can assist any further.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: Carepack on Managed Servers


write back with S/N and P/N found on your hp servers. I can provide the warranty status of your device with HP.

You can always register for care pack. this ensure you getting an extend warranty for the hardware with HP terms.

But 4 hours respons onsite support is not possible by HP . Always look for local professional ITsupport . This would help you sleep without fear.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: Carepack on Managed Servers

If they are only 12-18 months old then they should always be usnder warranty. HP would never as you for the bill or purchase order. only the serial and product number makes sense.