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Change Disk configuration on a LH3

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Gabriele Bardo
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Change Disk configuration on a LH3

I've a LH3 with an integrated Netraid Controller: two arrays, one (two disks) in RAID1 (WinNT installed on it) and also the other (two disks) in RAID1 (data stored on it). I want to add another disk for data and then change the second array from RAID1 to RAID5.
I've done backup of my data, I entered in NetRaidAssistant to destroy ONLY second array and make a new one RAID5, but it seems not possible: I must delete ALL the configuration...both first and second array, but I'd like not to have to reinstall also OS!!Is there someone that can help me?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Change Disk configuration on a LH3


It's not so difficult as you think.
What you can do is add the new disk to the existing RAID1 and convert it from RAID1 to RAID5 without losing your data!

Doens't that sound nice?

I think you're using an old version of Netraid assistant, because it didn'y allow you to remove the 2nd logical drive. Newer versions of netraid assistant can delete the last logical drive that has been created.

You can download it from:

Now for adding the extra disk:
Insert the new disk and start netraid assistant
From within Netraid Assistant, you must select the logical drive that you want to migrate from RAID1 to RAID5 AND you select the new disk (status=READY). Right click on it and you should get the option Add. Choose the correct RAID level now (RAID5) and let the controller reconfigure your array.

This only works if you have only 1 logical drive on your RAID1.

Good luck!

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Re: Change Disk configuration on a LH3

Do you know where i can find and download the new cd of HP Netserver Navigator. I have the version G.01.55. It's very old(3-4 years).
Thanks a lot.