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Chelsio S310E in a HP Microserver Gen8

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Chelsio S310E in a HP Microserver Gen8


I'm unable to see a Chelsio S310E card when added to a HP Microserver Gen8 machine running FreeNAS.  Just wondering if this card is known to work with the Microserver Gen8.

The card doesn't appear as a network interface nor with the lspci command.  

Also, I notice that the PCIE related menus in the BIOS only show 'embedded' PCI devices.  Not sure if I should expect the card to appear in these BIOS menus.

The card looks to be seated OK in the PCIE connector, and the card's LED's a lit.

Here's some of the santised details from iLO :


Product ID 712317-371

System ROM J06 04/04/2019

System ROM Date 04/04/2019

Backup System ROM J06 11/09/2013

License Type iLO Advanced

iLO Firmware Version 2.73 Feb 11 2020





Re: Chelsio S310E in a HP Microserver Gen8

Chelsio S310E is a legacy adapter. This adapter is not listed in the quickspecs or the option parts list.


Since this has not been tested with this server we do not recommend it. It mmay or maynot work.


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