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Compaq ML530 - Stuck In Standby

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Compaq ML530 - Stuck In Standby

Hi guys,
I was given an ML530 from a friend of mine who told me its a great server

I got it home, plugged the KB, Mouse and Screen into the main ports on the
motherboard and plugged all 3 power cords into power and plugged them into
each of the hot swap power supplies for the server.

I then noticed the standby LEDs was flashing on the front and at the back of
the machine on each power supply.

I have tried pressing the power key in about one thousand times and tried
unplugging and replugging in of the power to each power supply but it still
sits stuck in stand by mode, and flashes the amber LEDs at me.

How do i get the system out of standby and to be able to get power into it and
turn it on??? I would love to use it but i cant unless it turns on.

Please, any help is appreciated, how can i fire this up? is there a key
combination or reset jumper/switch i can use to power this up???

Here are some mpegs showing the problem.

error mpegs
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Re: Compaq ML530 - Stuck In Standby

Sorry, its actually an ML570
Brent C Jensen
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Re: Compaq ML530 - Stuck In Standby

We are experiencing the same problem, ML530, stuck in standby mode. (hoping to see a reply to this thread) Initially the server would start up after pressing the power button many times, but now it will not do anything.