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Compaq ProLiant ML350 SCSI Drivers

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Compaq ProLiant ML350 SCSI Drivers

I am trying to do a Windows NT 4.0 Server repair to fix a couple of DLLs that were overwritten that rendered the system unbootable.

I have downloaded just about every single driver listed for the SCSI controllers listed on this website, none of them work.

I must have this server back online by monday... Any ideas on what drivers may work?

I opened the box and found to my suprise that the SCSI controller is in fact also a video card and a NIC.

Help! This is a nightmare!
Liu Shaw Chan
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Re: Compaq ProLiant ML350 SCSI Drivers

See the SCSI chipset weither is LSI Symbios?
If so, I also can't help cause I facing the same problem.If adaptec, you are lucky,just search for the chipset number.