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Compaq ProLiant PL1850R battery empty?

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Compaq ProLiant PL1850R battery empty?

When I restart our PL1850R e.g. after a power outage, it always tells me that the controller configuration or controller order is not set and such (even though I did set them). In addition, the time is reset to the default value.

My assumption is that the battery on the mainboard is empty.

My question is:
Is there only this one battery (which is in the corner next to jumper 5) or do I have to consider other batteries (e.g. on the controller?)

Are there other possible reasons for this behaviour?


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Re: Compaq ProLiant PL1850R battery empty?

I would assume it is the system baord battery.
The system baord nvram is the one that keeps the Servers PCI Slot order configuration.
And which controller is going to be used first ie: SCSI,ide,CD-rom etc.
but if it is not the system board battery, the you would not have wasted much money by replacing the battery.
Also, previous issues have been solved by a frimware upgrade, this could not hurt.