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Compaq Proliant 1600

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Compaq Proliant 1600

Have just had a failure with this server. Have replaced the offending part (power board). Machine now boots up fine but will not find O/s. All arrays are fine and all hardware seem ok, but cannot get it to load o/s,this is critical as I have no back up of data or mail on this server, I was trying the get and up to date back up when it faile. Anyone got ideas, I have a smart array card, and have three mirror drives, one of which has the O/s. It sees all three arrays, but won't boot.

Thanks anyone who can help.
Ron Moody
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Re: Compaq Proliant 1600

Check the BIOS boot order and be sure you are booting to the correct array controller.
Run diags from the BIOS as well to see if it will identify any problems.

If it was running OK before the power supply failure, it sounds like the boot order or array controller....