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Compaq Proliant 6400R

Julius Caesar
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Compaq Proliant 6400R

The company has a Compaq 6400R that is in GREAT shape. I am wondering if there is anyway that someone can tell me as to what kind of an storage array that the unit can support.

To give a little more insite as to what I have here I go:

I have like 6-8 Ultra320 SCSI/SCA2/LVD hard drives in stock. I would like to find some kind of a shell that can support these hard drives and that the unit will work with the 6400R.

I really would want to setup a 2nd RAID 5 system to go along with our 2T system.




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Re: Compaq Proliant 6400R


Why not attach a Storageworks 4314 (Single Channel) or 4354 (dual channel) 14 bay external enclosure. They are now called MSA30's but the older ones will be cheaper if you are searching Ebay etc.

They will work with most Smart Array Controllers so you have a wide choice.
The MSA30 is the true U320 model which would need to be matched by a U320 Raid controller however the 6400R PCI slots are only 64-bit/33Mhz so you will find that you won't be able to achieve U320 speeds anyway with any 64-bit/33Mhz controller. The drives will drop down to whatever speed is achieveable so something like a Smart Array
431,4200 (33Mhz) or 532,5302 (66Mhz) will be OK.
The 532 or 5302 will fit OK but performance will be lower due to the 33Mhz PCI bus speed of the 6400R.

I hope this helps.