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Compaq Proliant ML350 - G1 reboots itself

Andreas Beldowski
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Compaq Proliant ML350 - G1 reboots itself

In devoured ways, an old Compaq Proliant ML350 found the way to me. It is too precious to me, to throw him away.
Sometimes, he still starts an operating system (from floppy, CD or HD), but if he becomes warmer he sticks at different places in the BIOS.
It must be a generation 1 server, produced before the uniting of Compaq and HP. The series-number is "ML350T01 P600-256 9G GR - 8013CQH41042", the board has the spare No 163357-001. Meanwhile, I have replaced the board, that problem remains.
The power supply has been definitely defective, I got a used spare part.
As processors, I have 3x "P III 800/256/133/1,65V S1 SL3XQ", passivly cooled (yes, i already repaced them in circle!).
From the VRM-Modulen (for 600 - 1000MHz), i also have 3 (yes, i already replaced them in circle!).
As storage, it is only 1x "SDRAM 256 MB PC133 Reg". from Samsung and with HP-sticker on it.
The only part I not yet replaced is the "Server feature board", spare part 163355-001!
Meanwhile, I cut off the green cable of the power supply (pin 14, PS_ON). The cable of the power supply lies on earth, the cable of the board hangs at an logik tester with 2 light-diodes (i got problems let it hang empty).
I could start the „HP Smart start CD Rev 5.5" and install the hidden partition, as well as a Debian Linux. Also a BIOS Up-date for a D02/F02 system of the date 09/26/2000 on 05/30/2003 was possible.
hpimlview tells me sometimes:
System Overheating (Zone 2, Location CPU, Temperature xxC)
System Overheating (Zone 3, Location CPU, Temperature xxC)
Automatic Operating System Shutdown Initiated Due to O-verheat Condition
The control of the themperatur delivers the impression, that the themperaturen usually lie by 40°C and sometimes jumps over the border of 75°C. That is not believable.
Who has a solution-idea for me?
Some more Questions:
Does the "processor Option Kit" of HP / Compaq contain more than the CPU? For example, a bridge for the fan-plug beside the CPU's?
Must I alter something in the BIOS ore some Dip switches on board or "servers feature board“? For example,. because now i have 800MHz -, instead of the original 600MHZ-CPU's in there?
Are there Problems with the evaluation of the THERMTRIP#-Signals of the CPU?
Alan Mason

Re: Compaq Proliant ML350 - G1 reboots itself

Did you get a resolutions to this? I have a similar problem. Whenever I add a second processor to my ML350 G1, I get the error System Overheating (Zone 3, Location CPU, Temperature xxC) and the system shuts down. There appears to be only one fan and it seems to be working OK.