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Compaq Proliant ML370

Vimal Koshy
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Compaq Proliant ML370

What HardDisk drives are compatible and best works with Compaq Proliant Server ML370.
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Re: Compaq Proliant ML370

Hello Vimal,

What's the server generation?

Vimal Koshy
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Re: Compaq Proliant ML370

List me the HDD's for G1-G5
beat steiner
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Re: Compaq Proliant ML370

Hi, Vimal.

I'm using an ML370 G3.
It shipped with a SCSI hot plug cabinet
supporting up to 6 x U320 SCSI "universal"
1-inch hot swap disk modules and a RAID
These fit many HP storage products and you
can easily buy them 2nd hand on Ricardo,
ebay or so.

The cabinet also supports U2 and U3 SCSI
disks, but they slow down the speed of the
entire SCSI bus (ie. the U320 disks suffer too).

U320 is the optimal configuration for the G3 and G4. Lower generations may have a slower
(U2 or U3) SCSI speed.

G5 is serial attached SCSI (SAS).

You can plug a U320 disk into a U2 cabinet
(without profiting from U320 speed).

SAS and parrallel SCSI (U320) are
but you can plug a SATA drive into a SAS
cabinet. This is cheaper, but performance
is lower and warranty is shorter.

Important: Do not buy a plain disk off the
shelf. Take a hot plug module.

The ML370's CD-ROM connector
supports parallel ATA drives.
This setup is only recommended e.g. for
copying data from an ATA drive on
the hot swap SCSI disk system. Remember: ATA
is cold plug, not redundant and has a poorer
This is not "the right thing" for a server.

-- Beat