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Config Ilo/rilo remotely

Todd Woolums
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Config Ilo/rilo remotely

We have several servers that are online and we need to configure the ilo/rilo cards remotely what is the best way to accomplish this. I looked at the CPQLOCFG.EXE tool but that looks like it assumes the ilo/rilo is configured already which isn't the case. Also doing this manualy really isn't an option since we have about 300 or so to do.

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Re: Config Ilo/rilo remotely

You're probably never going to see this reply but others might....

cpqlocfg.exe needs to remotely log into the iLO for you to chagne it's settings, so you'll need the factory default iLO board name and password (Username is Administrator by default).

By default the iLO picks up a DHCP address, so getting the board name lets you use that, instead of trying to figure out what IP it's picked up.

If you don't know the name and/or password then you can use the hponcfg.exe utility.
This utility has to be installed locally on the server with the iLO. If you log in with root/Administrator rights to the box, this utility will let you get the iLO board settings in XML format, and set the Administrator account, without requiring authentication.
You can also use this utility to reset back to factory defaults.

To use hponcfg.exe your iLO board must be running firmware v1.41 or later.

If you've deployed 300 servers without getting the factory iLO settings before hand... well you've got some overtime to do.