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Configuration Assistant for Netserver E45

Gregory V.
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Configuration Assistant for Netserver E45

Hello everybody,

I hope I'm in the right place for this.

I have an old Netserver E45 with an AIC 2910BUI SCSI Controller that I decided to recycle as a file server. However, due to the age of the server, it appears the Navigator CD mentioned in the manual has been lost and I can't get find it anymore.

I've looked on the HP support website but cannot find any CD download or software download that I can burn on a CD to get the Configuration Assistant. I just want to get access to the drives configuration to set up a HW RAID (if that is possible on this model, which appears to be according to the docs).

In any case, any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologize if this is the wrong place for this message.

Thank you,


P.s: I do have the Navigator CD for my LH3 server, but I'm scared to use it on my E45. Am I right to be or should I give it a try?
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Re: Configuration Assistant for Netserver E45

HI Greg,

When the server boots you will see "Experienced users might press CTRL + M....." at that point press CTRL + M and there you can configure you array

If it is a new configuration do this
once you got the Netraid express tools
1. go to Configure and then New Configuration
You will see all the drives you ahave as ready
2. Select the first drive and press space bar (You will see A0-0 and falshing) , select the second one then press space bar (you will see A0-1 and flashing)
If it is a raid one you end here, if it is raid 5 continue until you finish selecting all the drives you want them in the raid 5 set
3. press enter to end
4. press F10 to configure
5. Select Accept and press Enter twice
6. Save configuration and exit
7 in the main menu, select object/Logical drive/initialize
8. exit and reboot server and you are good to go

I hope this helps

Amha Kassa
Gregory V.
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Re: Configuration Assistant for Netserver E45


Thanks for the help but unfortunately this option is not available to me when the server boots up. It might be because the server is quite old. I do have that option on my LH3 though.

Thanks for the help though, I'll keep trying to find something :)