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Configuring iLO on Blade Server

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Configuring iLO on Blade Server

I'm wondering if there is a way to configure the main iLO port on the BACK of the enclosure on the management module other than using DNS/DHCP. The server is NOT in a VLAN with DHCP. From what I understnad, it ships with DHCP defualt static IP.

The blades themselves (30's) were very straight forward using the management cable with external keyboard, mouse, and monitor.


Kevin Levron
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Re: Configuring iLO on Blade Server

There are two ways to configure iLO without DHCP.

When the system boots up, you can enter iLO configuration by pressing an F-key. (I don't recall which one, but it is displayed on the screen)

Alternately, you can connect a system to the network port available on the management cable.
When the cable is plugged in, the iLO is assigned the address
You can then use a web browser to connect to the iLO port and log in with 'Administrator' and the default password that is printed on the tag shipped with the system.