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Connecting two servers with crossover cable

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dave z
Occasional Contributor

Connecting two servers with crossover cable

I am trying to connect two servers together with a crossover so that I can have a dedicated pipe between the two for use with backup software to make it backup faster over the network. Both of the servers are currently connected to the company domain. I connected the crossover to a second NIC that is in each of the servers and I'm able to ping one another but am not sure how to get anything else working. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make it so that I can run a specific service or software using the crossover connection instead of the connection to the company domain.
David Stirrup
New Member

Re: Connecting two servers with crossover cable

Go into network connections properties --> Advanced menu --> Advanced Settings.

Change the network adapter and services order.

Then think of using the hosts file to set the preferred IP address so as to prioritise the preffered net connection to the dedicated link.