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Conversion from SCSI-based library to fiber channel

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Conversion from SCSI-based library to fiber channel

Fellow techies,

I just finished converting my tape library from direct-connect SCSI to fiber channel. I thought I would take a few minutes to share my experiences (and a few minor frustrations) in the hope that others may learn from my goofs.

THE SETUP: Proliant DL380 G2, twin 1.4GHz CPUs, configured RAID-5 with 4x 9GB 10KRPM disks. Windows 2000 Adv. Server for the OS, Compaq-labeled 66MHz/64-bit PCI-to-FC host adapter and a Compaq fiber channel hub-7.

THE LIBRARY: ADIC Scalar 100, three DLT8000 drives.



Before I go any further -- Yes, I realize that some of this is older gear. This doesn't mean it's useless, so just read and enjoy. ;-)

For those who may be wondering what the correct Windows 2000 driver file is for the older FC host adapters, it happens to be cp005781.exe. I say this because it took me just over an hour to hunt it down because cross-referencing from the board's part number didn't work. I finally found it through going by which servers it was used in, and downloading from that page.

THE FIRST GLITCH: Powered up the tape library, let it settle, then powered up the FCTC and did the same for it. Went to its web interface, found that it could see the changer on Bus 0, but not the drives on Bus 1.

The problem turned out to be a bad SCSI cable from the FCTC to the drive section. Replaced it, repowered, FCTC saw everything.

NEXT GLITCH: Backup Exec had trouble seeing the library and drives once I moved them over. Despite repeated reboots, it insisted it could only see one drive and the changer.

I fixed this one by deleting all the existing drives under Backup Exec's 'Devices' window. I did NOT delete the library entry. After I did this, everything came up fine on the first reboot (of the server).

NOTE: If you end up having to do this, you will need to check all your backup jobs to make sure they're targeted at the drive you want. Deleting a drive will cause BEXEC to complain if it has jobs targeted for that drive. You will probably have to rename your drives as well, because the newly-detected entries from the fiber side will show up with default names (QUANTUM1, QUANTUM2, etc.)

In order to prevent utter chaos, I simply put all the backup jobs on 'Hold,' then retargeted them one at a time through their 'Properties' sub-menu. Just remember to remove the holds when you're done.

Someone once asked, in a different support forum, if BEXEC10 would even work with Fiber Channel in this kind of configuration. The answer is an emphatic 'Yes,' but make bloody sure your hardware is in good shape first.

I think it's been a good afternoon's work. Good luck to others who may take things like this on...
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Re: Conversion from SCSI-based library to fiber channel

Indeed a good research ! & a marvelous specially with OLD/EOL hardwares where options are so limited.