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Crash Dump on DL380 G3 0x00000044

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Crash Dump on DL380 G3 0x00000044

The server reboots on occasion with the following description:
The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000044 (0x8843b548, 0x00000cd8, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Below is part of the dump file:

Signature. . . . . . .PAGE
ValidDump. . . . . . .DUMP
MajorVersion . . . . .free system
MinorVersion . . . . .2195
DirectoryTableBase . .0x1471a000
PfnDataBase. . . . . .0x89092000
PsLoadedModuleList . .0x80484b80
PsActiveProcessHead. .0x804862e8
MachineImageType . . .i386
NumberProcessors . . .4
BugCheckCode . . . . .0x00000044
BugCheckParameter1 . .0x8843b548
BugCheckParameter2 . .0x00000cd8
BugCheckParameter3 . .0x00000000
BugCheckParameter4 . .0x00000000

ExceptionCode. . . . .0x80000003
ExceptionFlags . . . .0x00000001
ExceptionAddress . . .0x8041e1be

I have seen some discussion regardin the 0x00000044 error but the rest of the numbers did not match the string.

I have attached the dumpchk.exe -v output.

Any ideas about this will be appreciated.
Kedd Guyton
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Re: Crash Dump on DL380 G3 0x00000044

I saw several Google hits that indicated that it is most likely related to the NIC driver(s).

There are also some hit that suggest a conflict with Novell Gateway services or Novell Client32. Running any Novell services/clients?

I'm guessing you're running Windows 2000 Server. Which service pack?

What is the System BIOS date?

Which ProLiant Support Pack (most importantly the NC7781 driver version and NCU (Network Configuration Utility) version) are installed?
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Re: Crash Dump on DL380 G3 0x00000044

Hi Dom

From below link download and run

ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft 7.51a
Online ROM Flash Component 2004.09.15

After update run the following and post log files

Survey Utility for Windows (Saves a survey.txt in c:\compaq\survey)

Diagnostics for Windows

HP ProLiant Array Diagnostics Utility for Windows