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DL 360 G3 RAID issue (5i RAID controller)

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DL 360 G3 RAID issue (5i RAID controller)


We've had a set of unevents that have left us in a 'bad' situation, here's what's happened.

1. DL360 G3 reported a drive failure, a 36gb SCSI drive was replaced.
2. The replacement drive soon failed after repleacement.
3. The motherboard was replaced (RAID is onboard).
4. The backplane was replaced.
5. Drive was replaced once more.
6. Drives were re-seated (in failed Slot ID1)

Now the current situation is that the drive light is still amber. And the ACU reports a Drive ID3 (where did this come from, it's a 360)??

Anyways, I'm looking for a good next step, before deleting the array and having to rebuild the server. thanks.
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Re: DL 360 G3 RAID issue (5i RAID controller)

Hi Mike.

Do you have another server where you could plug in the drive(s) to at least get a full mirrored an correctly configured set of drives?

You could plug the first drive in the other server and start it. It shoul report a missing drive which you then plug in, so the drive should be mirrored correctly.

After this you can reset RAID configuration on your original server and plug the two correctly configured drives in this server.

The raid controller now should read raid configuration from the drives and everything should work fine (if all components are OK now).

It may be sufficient just resetting the raid controller on the original server to get the controller reading raid configuration from the drive(s).

But it's more safe to use the way described first.