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DL120 Embedded G5 RAID controller

Sean Kung
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DL120 Embedded G5 RAID controller

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

I like to put Windows Server 2003 onto a DL 120 G5 with RAID 1 over the Embedded G5 Storage Controller. cp008697.exe supposed be the correct driver.

While I was trying to locate the driver during the installation, the "modified" OS image can't find the correct driver name, showing "none".

So I just installed the OS on one hard drive, then trying the "2nd" option. I am quoting the instruction here below:

"In this scenario, you are installing a driver in a system that already has a Windows operating system. To install the driver:

Download the Smart Component to a directory on your hard drive and change to that directory. The downloaded file is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the Smart Component Number.
From that drive and directory, execute the downloaded file to install the driver. "

I don't know what does "smart component" mean. Do I need another software?


kopper2 kopper2
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Re: DL120 Embedded G5 RAID controller


what is your issue? I mean using cp008697?

I just just installed W2003 using nlite and cp008697 with no issues

someone asked to do so since he had problems doing it

I just created my W2003, nlite and cp008697.exe
Enable SATA and installation went fine

since the other person was getting no HDDs detected

kopper2 kopper2
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Re: DL120 Embedded G5 RAID controller

just in case mine is W2003 x32 bits