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DL140 Average Disk Queue Spikes

Wesley Fonvergne
New Member

DL140 Average Disk Queue Spikes

I have three DL140 G1 servers running Windows Server 2003. They currently run -extremely- slowly.

I opened perfmon, and I'm noticing huge spikes in the average disk queue length, and it keeps an average of between 500 and 25000(!). I see repeated extremely high spikes that seem to follow a pattern or shape. Perfmon also has a tendency to miss counter data, resulting in gaps in my lines.

I have one other DL140 G1, and it doesn't have this problem... yet all of these servers are running identical hardware. The problem does not go away with an OS reinstallation, and has not gone away with the newest firmware on everything.

Has anyone else experienced this? It's certainly become frustrating.