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DL140 G2 LO100i, SSL and management

Stephane grobety
New Member

DL140 G2 LO100i, SSL and management


I want to do the following on a LO 100i card embedded in a DL140 G2 (actually on 4 different servers):
- enable SSL encryption on the integrated on a DL140G2
- disable all other access methods.
- Limit the IP which can connect to these interfaces.

I upgraded the card's firmware to the latest available revision (1.25) and followed the instructions in

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work: port 443 remains despecrately closed.

In addition to that, I see no way to achieve my other goals. On the version 1.0 of the firmware, I could, at least, disable the default gateway and define specific routes (which would have resulted in limitating the access to the card to these IPs) but this doesn't seem to be available any more on the 1.25 fireware.

Finally, assuming I can achieve my other goals, how could I disable connections to the non-encrypted ports ?