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DL140G2 Failed fan


DL140G2 Failed fan

I appear to have a failed fan. What I mean is that you can hear it fire up and down and make a "squealing" sort of noise.

The difficulty is that this only happens when the fan goes into "fast" mode, and it is impossible to get the server to do this with the lid off.

I am therefore having a difficult time tracking down which fan has caused the issue. Any assistance on whether I can "force" a fast mode, or similar, would be appreciated.

I have tried unplugging one fan at a time to test which let the problem go away, but the server kept shutting itself down, which I am assuming was a thermal protection mechanism.
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Re: DL140G2 Failed fan

hi there

just been reading the DL140 g2 manual off the HP website ..

i can't see anything about the System fans being "hot swap" .. so i'm hopping your powering down the server before unplugging and installing system fans.

and because the server (from what i have seen off the HP site) isn't Hot Plug this could be why the server is shutting down when your playing around with the system fans (to protect itself)

thanks for your time

keep us informed with how u go


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Re: DL140G2 Failed fan

This server does not support Hot-Plug fan capability so as soon as you disconnect one of the fans the system will shutdown inmediately, you can try upgrading the System Bios first, also you can check one by one the fans for a cable that may be doing contact with the fan, then you can call us for a fan replacement.
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Re: DL140G2 Failed fan

Yes I am absolutely aware the server is not hotplug capable, and yes I am shutting it down before removing fans.
But if you turn it on with one missing, it only runs 1-20 seconds before shutting down.

I called HP support but so far in two calls I have been advised to update my firmware two times and noone seems interested or capable of just selling me a part until I can tell them exactly which fan is failing.

Does anyone know exactly where the temperature sensor on these servers is? Perhaps if I could blow a hair dryer on it- the fans will spin up and I'll be able to track the faulty fan.