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DL160 G5 LO100i unusable when shared

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DL160 G5 LO100i unusable when shared

The LO100i of my DL160 G5 works just fine when I'm accessing it via the dedicated port. As soon as I switch the settings to use the shared port, BMC becomes unusable. Responsetimes are horrible slow, sometimes connecting fails completely, the previously entered LO100i advanced pack license is not recognized anymore and so the KVM feature is not available anymore. Entering the license key again results in a bunch of system failure-error messages and screwed up webpages (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Usually after 2 or 3 clicks on links, BMC does quit responding at all. Firmware is all up to date (bios (10.10.2008), bmc (3.06A), nic (3.9)). When I switch back to the dedicated port, it all works again. Seems like the whole thing just does not work when set to share the nic with the bmc (IPs/subnet/gateway are all set correctly). What can it be? Need to run it in shared mode.
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Re: DL160 G5 LO100i unusable when shared


We also have the same problems on two DL 160 G5. Buying this server was the worst thing we did :-)

As you can read in maunal of iLO 100 you can't use KVM with shared port. Manual is upgraded on december 2008 :-)

We have similar problem because iLO stop responding (on share and dedicated port) after 8-10h.

We fight with HP support but without result.

Please read it to: