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DL160G5 iLO becomes unoperative

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DL160G5 iLO becomes unoperative

I have two DL160G5 servers, both have same problem - iLO stops responding after a while (usually, 12-20 hrs after reset).

Both servers has latest firmware (bios/ilo/sas/raid array), software and running Windows Server 2003 x64. iLO has Advanced Pack licence serial number entered, iLO uses dedicated mngmnt port (connected to gigabit router), static IP assigned.

Virtual KVM/Media stops working after 6-8 hrs, then iLO becomes slow as hell, and finally there's no reply at all (neither http nor telnet).

I found a way to reset BMC from console (ipmitool), but it somehow affects HW monitoring (FAN6 is being marked as unavailable, no CPU temp monitoring, FAN's RPM rise to 14-15K). Rebooting server fixes this issue.

Temporary fix could be running "ipmitool bmc reset cold" each hour or two, but it's kinda weird solution, isn't it?

So... is there any way to fix this problem?