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DL185 G5 P800 Smart Array controller

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DL185 G5 P800 Smart Array controller

GOAL: find best way to get to Raid 5 with hot spare from existing, probably botched config

I have 8 750 GB SATA drives in server - thought that was enoguh to acheive goal, but must have configured incorrectly.

current logical config is
ARRAY A: Logical Drive 1 30719 MB, Raid 1+0
Logical Drive 2 5119 MB, Raid 1+0
Logical Drive 4 679533 MB, Raid 1+0
Physical: drives 1 and 2

ARRY B: Logical Drive 3 30719 MB, Raid 5
Physcial: drives 3-8

( array B is my "e:\" drive, with all data )

so, my question is if I purchase an additional hard drive, how do I make it a hot spare
and/or is it possible to modify existing config to make a spare ( and how risky would it be? )
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: DL185 G5 P800 Smart Array controller


Simple, Buy a new HDD, Plug it in available free slot,

Start --> Program --> HP System Tools --> HP Array configuration Utility --> HP Array configuration Utility ],

Click & Select Array B, On the Right side Select Spare management, Assign the drive as online spare, save and close.

No Risk 100% safe