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DL320 G4 RAID problem with CentOS 4.4

Oliver Helm
New Member

DL320 G4 RAID problem with CentOS 4.4


I have a couple of new DL320 G4's and have installed CentOS 4.4 on them, but am having a problem with the RAID. Using the SATA control before installing centOS i created a Mirrored RAID array. When I reboot the server, it shows this at startup.

However when i installed CentOS it shows me that there is 140GB ish availble. (the server has two 80GB disks) instead of the single 80GB disk it should see. It may be showing it as a stripe, not two seprate disks.

Can anyone shed any light on my problems?

Many Thanks!
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: DL320 G4 RAID problem with CentOS 4.4

Hi Oliver,

you will have to use the update controller driver.

The issue here is the SATA drive for the o/s used.

here is a link that will help you.

FYI: Centos is a clone of supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, I would try to use that drive also if the above link will not help you.

HP will not support this o/s installed on the server and you are on your own.

here is the o/s Matrix for that server:

and here is the Link from HP for the software and drivers.
HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller Driver for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 for x86
version 1.20.3858.0-1 (30 Jun 06)

Main link:

Best regards,

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